Uncovering the Wolf in Shaykh’s Clothing | Danish Qasim

Episode Summary

Spiritual abusers are con-artists, and if they were easy to spot then they would be far less successful. In this episode, we talk to Danish Qasim about how to recognize spiritual abuse, what behaviours made us susceptible to it, and what knowledge can protect us from it. Danish Qasim is the founder of In Shaykh's Clothing. He has 11 years experience working with victims of spiritual abuse. Danish began a formal study of the Islamic sciences locally in 2006. Upon graduating in 2010 from U.C. Berkeley, he dedicated himself to full time traditional Islamic studies. His overseas studies include Teumerat, Mauritania in the school of Murabit al-Hajj (رحمه الله) and studying with scholars in Istanbul. In 2019 he finished his Masters focusing on spiritual abuse in the Muslim context.

Episode Notes

Podcast hosted and produced by Zeba Khan

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